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Features, Data & Applications

Features, Data & Applications
On request the Roundslings can be supplied with sleeves as protection against sharp edges
Features, Data & Applications
In case of damage cut fibers will remain visible at the point of damage. The fibers are fixed by the seam.

Roundsling Features
• High strength to weight ratio
• Low elongation/Extreme flexibility
• Double cover for extra life
• Endless style means that wear points always change with each lift
• Polyester interior fibers do not contact the load, meaning little wear as long as cover is intact
• Long lasting tag indicates working load limits
• Different colors indicate load limits through UR-7

Technical Data
• Maximum working temperature 90°C (194°F)
• Oil and grease do not normally affect strength
• Resistant to most acids, however is not resistant to concentrations of alkalis
• Does not lose strength in water — will not rot or mildew
• Excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays because outer cover protects inner fibers
• Only 3% elongation

Roundsling Applications
• Boat Handling
• Cargo Handling
• Construction
• Drilling Equipment
• Electrical Equipment
• Heating Units
• Industrial
• Logging
• Machined Parts
• Oilfield — Offshore
• Pipes
• Transformers

Failure to read, understand and follow the use and inspection instructions furnished with each sling could result in sever personal injury or death.