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Web Sling Terminology

CERTEX Companies have been manufacturing synthetic web slings for over 30 years, manufactured to the highest quality of nylon or polyester these slings offer outstanding strength with excellent load protection. CERTEX web slings will not damage or scratch surfaces of products being lifted. These slings are lightweight and flexible to be easily handled and rigged to a load. They easily adjust and conform to the load with a non slip, secure grip and are treated to keep out dirt, moisture and reduce abrasion. Nylon and polyester web slings are unaffected by oil and grease and offer good chemical resistance. Treated and untreated nylon and polyester webbing, used to fabricate synthetic slings, per class 5 and class 7 rated capacity charts, may contain red yarn woven into the core of the webbing to serve only as one of many aids in determining whether and when a sling should be removed from service

Guide to CERTEX Web Sling Terminology

Product tables on the following pages contain Type designations for CERTEX Web Slings.
The following key will help you interpret CERTEX Web Sling Type codes.

Interpreting Web Sling Type/Size Codes

Web Slings

* Reversed Eye Sling Codes deviate from this code due to their style of construction. A width indicated at “1” yields a 2-inch sling; “2” yields a 4-inch sling. The number “15” in the width column means 1.5˝ and yields a 3-inch sling. “K” and “H” designations are special capacity ratings. End users should pay special attention to capacities.

Failure to read, understand and follow the use and inspection instructions could result in severe personal injury or death. Do not exceed rated capacities.