When your clients trust you to provide the best lifting and rigging equipment Phoenix, AZ has ever seen, you become familiar with the rules and standards. While we can admire the steel-hearted construction workers casually eating Lunch atop a Skyscraper on a girder far above the streets of New York City (without any slings or rigging equipment in sight), workers of today are much better off with safety standards in place.

And that goes double for any construction workers whose job takes them off the ground. For these hard working men and women, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a three step process for preventing deadly falls on the job: plan, provide and train.

All three steps can include the best lifting gear and rigging supplies available today; however, staying safe is slightly more complicated than simply purchasing the best rigging equipment Phoenix companies like CERTEX USA have to offer.

Without slings, nets, and/or other safety equipment in place, you can fall seven feet at a time in just two-thirds of a second. That time might go by in the blink of an eye, but it’s more than enough time for your life to flash before your eyes, too.

To avoid those kinds of tragedies today, OSHA regulations state that riggers must:

    1. Receive comprehensive training on the dangers associated with using rigging and listing products
    2. Acquire rigging certification when necessary
    3. Learn how to identify and anticipate potential hazards on the job
    4. Be up to date on the latest techniques and rigging equipment
    5. Understand the potential implications of unsafe working conditions
    6. Maintain awareness of load capacities, weight limits, and other technical specifications of their riffing and lifting equipment

There are also specific guidelines for almost every facet of the job and type of equipment in use. For instance, almost without exception federal OSHA limits require that fall protection equipment keep the arrest distance to a maximum of six feet.

While you can sum up OSHA’s standards for riggers with three simple words (plan, provide, train), it takes more than three words to save lives. The best workers know that to stay safe, they have to rely on their own knowledge in tandem with the best safety equipment available to them.