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LATCH KITS - WArnings & Application Instructions

X100® LK Series Latch Kits

Warnings & Application Instructions

X100® LK Series Latch Kits

X100® LK Series Latch Kits

  • Hook and latch should be inspected by a qualified person before each use
  • Do not use a latch that is distorted or bent.
  • Ensure spring will secure the latch against the tip of the hook.
  • Ensure hook supports the load. 
  • Latch must never support the load.
  • When using two slings on one hook, ensure latch can operate freely and unencumbered. 
  • Latches are intended to retain loose sling or devices under slack conditions.
  • Latches are not intended to carry or support any load.

  • A complete understanding of these instructions is required before using hooks and latches of this type.
  • Always follow proper procedures and rigging practices. If proper procedures are not followed, loads may disengage from hook.
  • Failure to follow these procedures may cause serious injury or death.
  • Never stand under load. Falling loads may cause serious injury or death.
  • See OSHA Rule 1926.550(g)(4)(iv)(B).
  • This style of hook and latch must NEVER be used for lifting personnel.
  • The load must never be supported by the latch.
  • Hook must always support the load.
  • Always inspect all rigging prior to each lift. 
  • Rigging equipment must be inspected prior to each lift by a qualified person. 
Instructional Video
Written Instructions
  1. Remove old damaged latch kit and discard
  2. Open the Latch Kit bag and remove and count the contents on a flat and level surface
  3. There should be the following items enclosed:
    • 1 Stamped  Steel Latch
    • 1 Latch Spring
    • 1 Bolt
    • 1 Nylon Insert Lock Nut
    • 1 Cotter Pin
  4. Place spring onto the hook.
  5. Set Latch onto the spring and line up the holes of the latch, spring and hook. 
  6. Set latch and spring in place with the latch tip on top of the hook.  Hold latch/spring continuously in place with one hand otherwise spring will eject the latch. 
  7. Put bolt through one side of the latch/spring and all the way through the hook.  NOTE: While pushing bolt through the hook, the tip of the bolt should catch the other side of the spring, WITHOUT pushing through the other side of the latch. The depth of the bolt is important for the next step. 
  8. Adjust and rotate the latch from top of hook into correct placement under the tip. 
  9. Push bolt completely through the latch.
  10. Fasten the nylon insert lock nut onto the bolt until snug. NOTE: Do not overtighten.
  11. IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING: Latch kits are only designed as a method to hold other rigging products in place. DO NOT place any load on the latch kit. Failure to follow this warning could result in property damage, serious injury or death.
Included in the Kit
Included in the Kit

Included in this Kit:

A. 1 Stamped Steel Latch; B. 1 Latch Spring; C. 1 Bolt; D. 1 Nylon Insert Lock Nut; E. 1 Cotter Pin