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Ordering Instructions

Define Coil Sizes
Determine your maximum coil width (dimension “K”). Your C-Hook’s nominal center of gravity, “E”, should equal half of “K”. This allows your widest coil to be centered under the lifting bail for a level lift. If you are handling multiple coils or coiled rod or wire, please provide the maximum load width and request a quote on a “full length lower arm”.
Determine your minimum coil width. The listed models show a range of coil widths which can be handled one at a time by the same lifter. (Larger ranges can be furnished.) “L” is the narrowest coil that can be lifted without the lifter’s lower arm protruding past the edge of the coil. Coils narrower than “L” may be handled if centered under the bail.

Radial Thickness
Determine maximum radial thickness to be handled. Most users select a vertical clearance, “V”, that is 3″ to 5″ greater than the maximum radial thickness.
Radial Thickness
Radial Thickness

Coil Lifter Dimensions

Coil Lifter Dimensions
A. Lift Arm Length __________”
B. Max. Arm Depth _________”
C. Max. Arm Width _________”
U. Upper Arm Length ___________”
V. Vertical Clearance ___________”

Coil Load Details

Coil Load Details
1. Max. Width____________ Min. Width ____________
2. Max. Outside Diameter ________________________
3. Min. Inside Diameter __________________________
4. Max. Weight _________________________________
Will more than one coil be handled at once?_________

1. __________”
2. __________”
3. __________”
4. __________”
5. __________”
6. __________”
7. __________”
8. __________”
Capacity _________Tons.

Other Features . .

Coil Load Details