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Warnings / Legal Notice

Legal Notice: General Cautions and Warnings

All products supplied and manufactured by CERTEX USA are sold with the express understanding that the purchaser is thoroughly familiar with the safe and proper use and application of the product.

Responsibility for the use and application of the products rests with the user.

Failure of the product can occur due to misapplication, abuse, or improper maintenance. Product failure could allow the load to become out of control, resulting in possible property damage, personal injury or death.

There are numerous government and industry standards that cover products sold by CERTEX USA. This catalog and/or website makes no attempt to reference all of them. We do reference some standards.

Ratings shown by CERTEX USA in literature or website are applicable only to new or “in new condition” products.

Load limit ratings indicate the greatest force or load a product can carry under usual environmental conditions. Shock loading and extraordinary conditions must be taken into account when selecting products for use in a system.

In general, the products in CERTEX USA literature or on websites are used as parts of a system being employed to accomplish a task. Therefore, we can only recommend within the Working Load Limits, or other stated limitations, the use of products for this purpose.

The WLL (Working Load Limit), or Design Factor, or Efficiency Rating of each CERTEX USA-supplied product may be affected by wear, misuse, overloading, corrosion, deformation, intentional alteration, and other use conditions. Regular inspection must be conducted to determine whether use can be continued at the catalog assigned WLL, a reduced WLL, or whether the product must be withdrawn from service.

CERTEX USA products are generally intended for tension or pull. Side loading must be avoided, as it exerts additional force or loading which the product is not designed to accommodate.

Welding CERTEX USA-supplied load support parts or products can be hazardous. Knowledge of materials, heat treatment, and welding procedures are necessary for proper welding. CERTEX USA should be consulted for information.

The assigned Ultimate Load Rating of CERTEX USA-supplied products for the reeving of wire, manila or synthetic ropes is based solely upon design; the catalog ultimate strength for the rope parts, when totaled, may exceed the assigned Ultimate Load Rating.

The Working Load Limit of a sling must not exceed the lowest Working Load Limit of the components in the system.