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Load Testing at Certex – Wilmington, CA

Supplying reliable proof-tested rigging, slings, and rigging hardware for over 65 years. Mechanical load testing services to 8 million pounds in tension or compression.

Testing Tower

For over 70 Years Coordinated Equipment Company/Certex has offered Testing Services for a wide variety of needs and applications. Our Facility is equipped with both vertical and horizontal adjustable test machines, with capabilities up to 4000-Ton in tension and 1500-Ton in compression. Our services are available for destructive, non-destructive, proof load testing, and cyclic fatigue testing.

As a result of our high load capabilities and test machine versatilities, we maintain a unique ability to perform a wide range of testing. Articles tested have included various sizes of synthetic ropes, mooring lines and hawsers, wire rope assemblies, customized handling devices, high capacity lifting components, and unique specialized aerospace tooling.

With today’s technical demands, we’ve also integrated the use of instrumentation to assist with a computerized control system. This system allows us the capability to set pre-determined tension ranges and strain rates on our load application equipment, which is utilized for our automatic cyclic testing. Our system also features a Modular Data Acquisition System capable of monitoring real-time tension, elongation, and deflection.

4000-Ton Short Stroke Test Machine

This facility is capable of applying tensile loads up to 8 million pounds. It is intended for use in the structural testing of large specimens in a horizontal orientation. Examples of items tested have included high capacity shackles, anchor chain, and crane blocks.

650-Ton Horizontal Test Machine

The versatility of our 650-Ton facility allows us to perform tensile or compressive tests on samples of all shapes and sizes. The primary area is capable of 1,300,000 pounds and can accommodate specimens up to 65 feet. An additional abutment can be utilized to increase specimen lengths up to 130 feet. Heavy steel tracks that run along the length of the machine, allows a variety of loading devices to be mounted at different heights and distances. Examples of items tested include high capacity spreader bars, lifting slings, synthetic and wire rope samples, and aerospace handling fixtures.

1500-Ton Horizontal Test Machine

Our most unique facility provides high load capacities with a maximum stroke of 54 feet. At it’s max stroke, forces up to 3,000,000 pounds can be applied. The maximum usable test bed length is 250 feet. These performance characteristics provide a unique capability for testing high strength assemblies at full length, that encompass a varying degree of elongation at failure. The modular nature of this machine also allows it to be configured for a wide variety of testing applications and sample lengths. Examples of items tested include synthetic ropes, including OCIMF prototype testing, Thousand Cycle Load Limit Testing (TCLL), residual strength tests, and etc. The need for such a facility has been accelerated by the increased use of large synthetic ropes characterized by properties of high strength and elasticity.

140-Ton Vertical Test Tower

This facility can apply vertical forces up to 280,000 pounds and accommodate test specimens as tall as 45 feet. The lower section of this test machine allows for a variety on anchor points, with horizontal dimensions up to 26 x 40 feet. This facility’s versatility has proven effective in testing completely assembled slings and lifting devices with multiple attach points. Examples of items tested include aerospace fixtures, spreader bars, specialty lifting assemblies, and oil field drilling rigs.