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Premier Supplier of Industrial Safety Products in California

Do you need safety products for lifting, rigging or fall protection? Certex USA is a premier provider of safety products to industries such as utilities, mining, oil, construction and aerospace. We have four locations in California – Bakersfield, Sacramento, Santa Fe Springs and Ventura – and 34 locations across the U.S. In addition, we are one of the few lifting product companies in the U.S. to offer Fall Protection and Rescue Training.

Our Ventura branch, located at 1621 N. Ventura Ave, opened in 1993 and employs a team of nine dedicated safety professionals. No matter the size of your project, let the Ventura team, led by manager Will Wilkins help you determine the right supplies and equipment. At Ventura, we specialize in oil field and construction supply, but provide for a wide variety of industries.

Wire Rope

Certex Ventura specializes in wire rope, and you’ll find a variety of wire rope constructions and capacities. From small diameter GAC wire ropes to large high-performance ropes, you will discover that there isn’t just one type of wire rope that’s perfect for every job.

Wire rope is made up of all independent parts – wires, strands and cores – that continuously interact with each other during service. Wire rope engineers design those parts in differing steel grades, finishes, and a variety of constructions to attain the best balance of strength, abrasion resistance, crush resistance, bending fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance for each application.

The primary factor in wire rope performance is selecting a wire rope with the best combination of properties for the job. The service life of that rope can be greatly extended by following a planned program of installation, operation, maintenance and inspection to avoid the most common causes of wire rope failure including kinking, overloading, dragging, improper spooling and whipping.

We also have a wide variety of wire rope accessories like locking hooks, eye hooks, swivel hooks, sliding choker hooks, sliding latch type choker hooks, snap hooks, swivels, wire rope thimbles, and turnbuckles.

Lifting & Rigging Supplies

Looking for rigging equipment and lifting supplies in Southern California? You’ve come to the right place. We carry а large inventory of rigging hardware such as hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, blocks, and more.

For cargo control, we have a full line of chains, binders, and winches. We also offer lever hoists, chain falls, and air and electric hoists from some of the worlds most respected manufacturers.


We also carry wire rope slings, wire mesh slings and nylon web slings. Wire rope slings, sometimes referred to as wire cable slings, are more robust and durable than nylon slings and have higher temperature limits. Wire mesh slings are used in industries where loads can be abrasive or tend to cut web slings. On the other hand, nylon web slings will not damage or scratch the surfaces of your products being lifted.

Fall Protection Equipment

We carry a full line of fall protection equipment from top manufacturers including 3M, Capital Safety, Fall Tech, French Creek and Deus. We have harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards, tie-back lanyards, hooks, anchorage connectors, carabiners, roof anchors and more. We carry the High-Vis Vest harnesses, which uniquely combines traditional reflective vests with fully adjustable fall protection bodywear.

For latchways, we feature ManSafe overhead, horizontal and vertical systems. Some of the key benefits of ManSafe systems include quick and simple installation, less costly than ‘I’ beam systems, and can be configured as a single span or multi span system.

You can see the full details of our fall protection products via the specification document on the Fall Protection page of our website.

Fall Protection Training

In addition to equipment, we offer a full curriculum of fall protection training to ensure the safety and productivity of your crew. We are members of the ITI Training network which provides world-class crane and rigging training to customers. We can provide training right on your job site in California.

Contact Certex Ventura for all your safety, industrial and oil field supply needs

You’ll find a dedicated team on hand, waiting to help you meet your safety needs. Reach out to discuss your budget, the type of rigging equipment, lifting products, hand tools, safety supplies, and training your company needs to get the job done.