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Tennessee’s Best Resource for Industrial Safety and Load Testing

Are you looking for quality safety products like slings, hoists, cargo control products and wire rope? Do you need load testing? You’ve come to the right place. The Certex branch in Memphis is also home to Yarbrough – a Certex company specializing in heavy lifting.

Yarbrough is the region’s leading load testing company, with four tension test beds with capacities up to 3 million pounds and clear span lengths to 400 feet. This unique facility allows for load testing of long spreader bars and lifting beams, as well as lifting slings and structural assemblies of all types and sizes. Yarbrough also has decades of experience in fabrication of large “heavy lift slings” for heavy civil, energy and steel operations.

Visit the Memphis location at 950 Stage Avenue where you’ll find a team of 25 employees, led by manager Brad Herring, ready to help with all your safety needs.

About Yarbrough

Founded in 1951 to serve the lifting needs of the Mid-South, Yarbrough Cable has since become a trusted supplier to the heavy lift industry worldwide. Founded by Jim Yarbrough on the principles of Pride, Integrity and Quality, Yarbrough Cable has provided below-the-hook rigging equipment on some of the largest lifts around the globe.

Yarbrough/Certex Memphis has supplied equipment and/or testing services to some of the most visible projects in North America, including the Freedom Tower in New York City, the new Tappan Zee Bridge spanning the Hudson River, dozens of offshore lifts in the Gulf of Mexico – each over 1000 tons, and countless other heavy civil projects, bridges, stadiums, rail projects and steel production facilities.

Certex USA

We currently only have one Tennessee location, but there are 33 Certex branches across the U.S. – from California to South Carolina. Certex is known for providing industries such as construction, mining, aerospace, utilities and on-shore/off-shore drilling with the equipment needed to ensure job sites and workers are safe. In addition, we are one of the few lifting product companies in the U.S. to offer Fall Protection and Rescue Training. We’ve been in business for over 50 years, which is why we’re a trusted source in Tennessee and around the country.

Wire Rope

Many Certex branches have developed specialized products and services to meet the needs of area businesses. For example, Certex Memphis carries a variety of wire rope including crane cables, mining ropes, aircraft cable (galvanized and steel), structural strand, rotation resistant and tower crane ropes.

The primary factor in wire rope performance is selecting a wire rope with the best combination of properties for the job. The service life of that rope can be greatly extended by following a planned program of installation, operation, maintenance and inspection to avoid the most common causes of wire rope failure including kinking, overloading, dragging, improper spooling and whipping.

We also have a wide variety of wire rope accessories like locking hooks, eye hooks, swivel hooks, sliding choker hooks, sliding latch type choker hooks, snap hooks, swivels, wire rope thimbles, and turnbuckles.

Slings & Other Safety Products

We carry wire rope slings, wire mesh slings and nylon web slings. Wire rope slings, sometimes referred to as wire cable slings, are more robust and durable than nylon slings and have higher temperature limits. Wire mesh slings are used in industries where loads can be abrasive or tend to cut web slings. On the other hand, nylon web slings will not damage or scratch the surfaces of your products being lifted.

We carry mechanical and hand spliced slings, bridles, braids and grommets. For web slings we have nylon, polyester, flexi-grip round slings, tie downs and ratchet assemblies.

Other supplies include – but are not limited to – chain falls and ratchet lever, rigging hardware of all kinds, shackles, wire rope clips, blocks, lifting eyes and cargo securing straps.

Load Testing Solutions

In today’s business climate, the importance of reliable, verifiable load testing cannot be overstated. When your lift weighs hundreds or thousands of tons and is worth millions of dollars, you need rigging you can depend on—rigging that you know will lift the load and lift it safely. In short, you need load tested rigging. Each Yarbrough Cable branch office is equipped with load test machines calibrated in accordance with ASTM E4 standards—with load accuracy of + / – 1% up to 3,000,000 lbs—and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The Memphis location can perform load testing of wire rope, chain, synthetic slings, hoists, rigging hardware, spreader beams, and related components, as well as pre-stretching of wire rope. Yarbrough Memphis also provides on-site rigging inspection and on-site load testing to 100,000 lbs., with E4 calibrated, portable load cells.

Fall Protection Equipment and Training

Certex supplies everything you need for fall protection – from equipment to fall protection classes. We offer a full curriculum of training on fall protection equipment to ensure the safety and productivity of your crew. We are members of the ITI Training network which provides world-class crane and rigging training to customers.

Our training program covers equipment from various manufacturers, so your team will be prepared and safe. Certex staff will help you meet OSHA requirements and show your crew how to focus on one step at a time with an unwavering motto of “Safety First.” We can provide your site supervisors with fall protection competent person training to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest techniques and equipment.

In addition to training in the field, we have two state-of-the-art facilities developed for immersive, hands-on learning. Choose either Tucson AZ or Bakersfield CA. Your team will experience 8 hours of working with equipment from over 20 different manufacturers. The modern, climate-controlled environment creates ideal surroundings for learning and every course meets or exceeds applicable ANSI Z359, OSHA Sub Part M, CSA and Manufacturers requirements.

If sending your team to Tucson AZ or Bakersfield CA isn’t an option, take advantage of the training our Memphis team can provide at your location. We also offer expert consulting, rescue plans and hazard analysis.

Contact Certex Memphis for Your Company’s Safety Needs

You’ll find a dedicated team on hand, waiting to help you meet your safety needs. Reach out to discuss your budget, the type of rigging equipment, lifting products, safety supplies, and training your company requires to get the job done.