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Best Supplier in Jacksonville for Lifting Products, Rigging Supplies and Fall Protection

The Certex branch in Jacksonville FL is your source for industrial safety products in northern Florida. In addition to products and devices, we offer the training your crew needs to maintain a safe workplace. Our safety products include fall protectionlifting devices, hoists, rigging supplies and more. Our products have the appropriate certifications, such as ISO, ANSI, and OSHA to make sure everything is in compliance at your Jacksonville worksite.

We service a variety of industries including construction, utilities and on-shore/off-shore oil. Our clients include Jacksonville Port Authority, Crowley Maritime, Trapac, Mobro Marine, Jered LLC., Manson Construction, and Henkels McCoy.

Manager, Greg Kennedy, and an experienced staff are ready to help you select the right products for your project.

At Certex, all of our products and services are focused on keeping Jacksonville’s industrial workers safe on job sites. Rigging equipment inspection, as well as testing and repair services, are among our safety-focused offerings. Our high-quality standards have earned the trust of major Jacksonville companies.

Safety Products and Services From Certex Jacksonville

Even before Certex moved into the Jacksonville office, the store was there providing safety gear to local companies since the mid-1980’s. Some of our specialty items include slings, which are available as wire rope slingschain slingsmesh slings, and synthetic rope slings. Slings adapt to the shape of the load being moved, and different sling materials provide the lifting power needed to secure various types of loads.

Wire rope slings, sometimes referred to as wire cable slings are more robust and durable than nylon slings and have higher temperature limits. There are many different types of wire rope slings and they all have their own purposes, so let your knowledgeable staff help select the right wire rope sling for your project.

In addition, CERTEX carries high quality, galvanized high-tensile steel wire mesh slings for use in industries where loads can be abrasive or tend to cut web slings. We also carry a full line of quality single, double, triple and quadruple chain slings for all of your lifting needs. We also carry three-point suspension, Steady-Lift magnet chains, and chain sling fittings.

We also carry hoists, cargo control products, and wire rope accessories needed to complete your safety needs.

Certex Safety Products in Jacksonville and Northern FL

Here at Certex, we believe no one should face unnecessary danger and risks at work. We understand the need for safety, and we want to help each customer ensure the highest level of safety for Jacksonville workers. We’ve helped do exactly that through our work with major construction and marine organizations in Northern Florida.

We also provide training in the field of safety to help keep your employees performing tasks safely. Our training services include fall protection competent person training. This training teaches workers how to protect themselves from the risk of injury or death from falling when working high above the ground.

We also do Fall Protection installs and have installed some rigid overhead systems in hazardous area’s for a paper mill in S. Georgia, along with several overhead systems for Northrop Grumman in St. Augustine , Fl. when they recently added a 400,000 square foot building, which will serve as a assembly site for certain U. S. military aircraft.

In addition to training in the field, we have two state-of-the-art facilities developed for immersive, hands-on learning. Choose either Tucson AZ or Bakersfield CA. Your team will experience 8 hours of working with equipment from over 20 different manufacturers. The modern, climate-controlled environment creates ideal surroundings for learning.

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The Jacksonville, FL Certex team is on hand, waiting to help you meet your safety needs. Reach out to discuss your budget, the type of rigging equipment, lifting products, safety supplies, and training your team needs to get the job done without incident.

Reach out to us by phone, fax or over the internet at your convenience. Call (904) 786-7700 or (800) 883-9118. Or, fill out the contact form here and one of our team members will get back to you with the information you request.