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Branch Manager

Angela Hennessey

New Mexico’s Best Source for Safety Products and Services

The Certex branch in Hobbs, NM carries a variety of safety products including rigging equipment and lifting supplies. We also specialize in fall protection, providing not just the equipment you need, but comprehensive training for your workforce. Do you need sand line installation and splicing or tube line installation? We handle that too.

Hobbs is currently the only Certex branch in New Mexico, but there are 35 total locations in the U.S. servicing 11 states from California to South Carolina.  All locations are known for providing industries such as construction, mining, aerospace, utilities and on-shore/off-shore drilling with the equipment needed to ensure job sites and workers are safe. In addition, we are one of the few lifting product companies in the U.S. to offer Fall Protection and Rescue Training.

Out of our Hobbs branch, we provide safety products and training to companies across New Mexico and into Texas. Hobbs is located on the southeast corner of New Mexico, near the Texas border. It’s less than 2 hours from Lubbock, 3.5 hours from Amarillo and 5 hours from Albuquerque.

Let the Hobbs team, led by manager Shannon Ayers, help you find the best safety equipment for your project. Certex New Mexico provides the right mix of experience, customer service and top-of-the-line supplies, which is why we’ve been the trusted source for industrial safety for over 50 years.

Lifting Products & Rigging Supplies

Are you looking for quality lifting supplies or rigging products in New Mexico or West Texas? We carry a variety of wire rope, wire rope accessories, slings and hoists. CERTEX offers a full line of lever hoists, chain falls, and air and electric hoists from some of the worlds most respected manufactures. These products are useful for a variety of different hoisting, pulling, and lifting tasks.

Wire rope strands are designed with various combinations of wires and wire sizes to produce the desired resistance to fatigue and abrasion. It’s important to select the correct wire rope needed for each job. You can rely on the knowledgeable staff at Certex New Mexico to match the job requirements with the optimum combination of wire rope properties.

We also carry wire rope slings, wire mesh slings and web slings. Different slings have different purposes, and again you can count on the Certex team to select the right product for your job. For example, wire rope slings, sometimes referred to as wire cable slings, are more robust and durable than nylon slings and have higher temperature limits. Wire mesh slings are used in industries where loads can be abrasive or tend to cut web slings. On the other hand, web slings will not damage or scratch the surfaces of your products being lifted. Certex web slings are lightweight, durable, and flexible so that they can be easily handled and rigged to a load. In fact, we manufacturer our own line of web slings.

In addition to sourcing products from top vendors, we provide on-site fall protection equipment and training.

Fall Protection Equipment and Training

We offer a full curriculum of training on fall protection equipment to ensure the safety and productivity of your crew. We are members of the ITI Training network which provides world-class crane and rigging training to customers.

We can provide training right on your job site in New Mexico or Texas. We also have two state-of-the-art safety training facilities in Tucson AZ and Bakersfield CA. There your team will experience 8 hours of working with equipment from over 20 different manufacturers. The modern, climate-controlled environment creates ideal surroundings for learning and every course meets or exceeds applicable ANSI Z359, OSHA Sub Part M, CSA and Manufacturers requirements.

Contact Certex New Mexico for Your Company’s Safety Needs

At Certex New Mexico, you’ll find a dedicated team on hand, waiting to help you meet your safety needs. Reach out to discuss your budget, the type of rigging equipment, lifting products, safety supplies, and training your company needs to get the job done. The branch is open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.