CERTEX USA is one of the only lifting products vendors that also offers OSHA Fall Protection Training Courses, truly giving your team all the tools they need to keep each other safe.

Companies all over the world already associate the CERTEX USA brand with the highest quality lifting products, and we also have the newest state of the art training facility in North America, an indoor, climate controlled environment. Our Tucson training center offers the fall protection training Phoenix businesses use as their go-to destination for worker certification, but we also have 34 branches in 11 states.

CERTEX USA can come to your site to provide customized fall protection courses, or you can come to one of our training facilities to work with our full-time training staff. How can our OSHA standard safety, rescue, and fall protection courses benefit your organization?

We serve the military, mining, aerospace, on-shore and off-shore drilling, construction, utilities, and other vital industries

Every CERTEX training course meets or exceeds applicable ANSI Z359, OSHA Sub Part M, CSA, Manufacturer requirements, MSHA, EM 385-l-l and CE standards

  • Receive 8+ hours of hands-on experience in an immersive learning environment
  • Train with the latest lifting equipment and rigging supplies
  • We have experience working with more than 20 different equipment manufacturers
  • Our trainers have real-world industrial experience, and years of combined work experience

CERTEX USA Provides the Fall Protection Training Phoenix, Tucson, Bakersfield, Birmingham, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, New Orleans, Houston, Oklahoma City, and Odessa. Companies Rely On Year After Year. Click Here for our Training Info Package.

Many of our locations in the Southern United States have been open for more than 50 years, and we’ve served some of the biggest organizations on the planet. Today, your company’s reputation is only as strong as your safety culture, and that’s why CERTEX USA is committed to providing the best OSHA fall protection courses available anywhere in the world.

When your team, managers or workers need training or certification to work with rigging and lifting products, you can count on CERTEX USA to get the job done right. Call us at (800) 882-9118 for additional information on our Lifting Products or Training Services, or find a list of  CERTEX USA locations near you.